Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design

Speaking Graphically

LaSalle College Vancouver’s Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design prepares students for a creatively fulfilling and rewarding career as visual storytellers. Students receive hands-on training in a state-of-the-art learning environment with instruction from top graphic designers.

The curriculum explores the increasingly vital relationship between design and sustainable principles. As environmental demands escalate and take centre focus in educational and political discourse, there is a growing need for designers who can provide solutions while creating sustainable, eco-conscious designs. Program graduates will possess knowledge of design and sustainable fundamentals, as well as an understanding of core values, emerging trends and discipline challenges.

Students study their craft in an inspiring classroom setting, where ideas are nurtured and refined. Throughout the degree program, students create a portfolio to showcase their skills and creative aesthetic. The Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design program is perfect for creatives who want to spend their days working on high-impact visual campaigns that resonate.

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