Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mr. Universe

The man who would become Mr. Universe, Conan the Barbarian, Terminator and, later, Gouvernator, was born on July 30, 1947 in Thal, a suburb of Graz, Austria. According to legend, the young Arnold Schwarzenegger is a slender child who is bored in his village and dreams of overcoming his complexes through sport. A fan of peplum heroes and their hypertrophied muscles, Arnold wants to become their equal. Equipped with unwavering ambition, the Austrian will make his way in the world of bodybuilding. To do this, he will find a mentor in the person of Reg Park, a British bodybuilder who had a brief career in the epic (“Hercules the Vampire Slayer”, “Hercules Conquers Atlantis”) before becoming a trainer. Park takes charge of Arnold's training, and also encourages him to make movies to earn money. Schwarzenegger's first choice is a bit risky: he gets lost in a parody peplum, "Hercules in New York", where he is dubbed in the original version (the distributors will later put back the recording of his real voice in the DVD version ) and given the dubious pseudonym Arnold Strong! This failure does not discourage the young and solid Arnold. Our man, who is also muscular in the brain, was able to make his first profits come to fruition in real estate. Sheltered from want, he continued his career in bodybuilding and did not give up his dreams of cinematic glory. His impossible name and his thick Austrian accent are, however, serious handicaps and Arnold, a priori, has as much chance of becoming a star as a myopic and squinted Frenchman has of playing Tarzan... He plays various small roles, his notoriety in sporting circles helping him little by little to make a career. Arnold won the titles of Mr Universe and Mr World in 1970. He then became Mr Olympe, a title he retained five times in a row. In 1975, he victoriously defended his crown as Mr. Olympe against Lou Ferrigno, the reigning Mr. Universe: the competition was the subject of the documentary “Arnold the Magnificent” (“Pumping Iron”), which boosted his notoriety in the media. sees him play relatively important roles, as in “Cactus Jack”, a clumsy parody of a western by Hal Needham (“Mega Force”!) where he plays a moron hero facing the villain Kirk Douglas.

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