Get serious about the physical health of your body; if you’re ignoring painful muscles, severe tension, and anxiety, as well as repetitive stress injuries, you need to restore your body’s natural harmony. This massage draws focus to the release of tension from the deeper layers to help correct muscular imbalances, including areas that have been injured or have scar tissue. Begin your recovery process today.

Choose Your Ideal Spa Experience

Drawing energy from our iconic location, Fairmont Spa Lake Louise is a sanctuary for the senses, giving you space to restore your inner balance. Our passionate team of wellness experts are committed to providing you with a transformational experience for body, mind, and soul with pure and simple ingredients inspired by nature’s elements.

Fitness & Movement

We have everything you need to continue your regular workout routine, or start a new one, at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Enjoy access to our top-of-the-line health club and fitness centre, resort pool, and complimentary fitness and wellness classes.

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